About Royal Refuse

About Royal Refuse

The three main services Royal Refuse provides are Commercial, Construction and Residential waste pick-up. As these services require other services occasionally, Royal Refuse also offers Hazardous Waste, Glass, Food Waste, Bulk Item Removal, and other customer support functions. These include enclosure planning, service level audits, and minor rehabilitation and repair.

Commercial Waste Management Services

At Royal Refuse, we provide a full range of commercial waste management programs and services. We work with multi-family housing complexes, retailers, businesses, and mixed-use properties to ensure the waste removal service they need are in place. We have a top relationship with property managers and property management services in the area to coordinate all their waste removal needs.

We provide effective trash pick-up systems based on the needs of our customers. By completing a Service Level Audit on or before the day the trash is collected, we can assess the types of trash pick-up containers and services needed for the property. The results of these visual inspections are shared with the customer, and we work together to create a customized trash removal service.

With a variety of smaller to larger dumpsters, we can accommodate waste amounts from one to six yards. The smaller one-yard dumpsters hold about two hundred gallons of trash, while the larger six-yard dumpsters can hold about 1200 gallons. With the option to add locking systems, we add security and prevent unwanted dumping on your property.

For Residential Service: Residents can expect trash, recycle, and yard waste for their waste pick-ups with Royal Refuse. Trash containers come in 34-gallon, 65-gallon, and 95-gallon options, based on the occupancies of the homes.

Residential recycling is collected in blue bins and yard waste is designated for green bins.

For Construction Service: Royal Refuse drop boxes are available in 20-or-30 cubic-yard sizes. They are large containers and they will cover about half of a driveway or one parking space. Royal Refuse provides boxes for large-commercial accounts or for the homeowner who is doing a roofing job or special project. Royal Refuse will also catch and designate recyclable waste and take it to a MRF (Material Recovery Facility).

If a cleaning job involves cement, dirt, yard debris or demolition debris, ask Royal Refuse about their recycling options.


We operate on the premise we don’t want our customers to have to think about their recycling and trash once they are wheeled to the curb!  Our customers’ waste is always picked up efficiently and in a timely manner. 

At Royal Refuse, we want our reputation to be based on family values that include integrity and a strong work ethic, while providing the highest rate of customer service possible! 

Put simply, we want to come and go and be perfect.


At Royal Refuse, we are all one big family. We set out to treat employees like family and we extend this same caring attitude to our customers!  We believe that everyone should be treated fairly. Royal Refuse is all about customer service. Everyone at Royal Refuse is very transparent with our customers so they always know what to expect, with no surprises! 

We always try to be flexible and responsive to our employees and our customers so they feel valued and respected.  Our customers and employees have direct access to the owners anytime, day or night and on weekends.

At Royal Refuse, we practice a personal style of interaction that really takes into account each customer’s unique needs.  No matter if it’s a residence or a large construction company, everyone’s voices matter equally.

Company Culture

HISTORY of Royal Refuse

Our business was started in 1977 by our grandfather, grandmother, and later my father and other family relatives.  Dave and Delores Bales founded Royal Refuse. We became a company with just three customers and a dream shared by our family, determined to make the trash industry a way of life for generations to come. 

We now employ 34 people. We have been blessed that we are able to have this team together for so many years.  We love our customers and as our reputation grew and word-of-mouth spread, we accrued a lot more customers over time. 

The service we offer to each of our customers makes a big difference when it comes to the growth of our business. 

Our goal is to continue to grow and spread the love and service that we’ve offered for the past four decades.


Bethel School District 

Horizon Reality Group  (Chase Village, Chase Gardens, Chase Courtyard, Stadium Park, and Forest Hills)

Josh Burnett

Josh Burnett,
General Manager at Royal Refuse

I have had a circular or revolving work history with Royal Refuse.  I started at age 14 or 15 sweeping floors, sorting trash, and sanding dumpsters.  It was all about doing general labor during that time in my life.  

Then for the summers during high school, I rode on a recycle truck, picking up waste from customers all around town. 

After high school, I left Royal Refuse to work for a number of other companies. Looking back, I think I was trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. 

Eventually, by way of AT&T, I got a job with Levi Strauss, which is still here in town.  I landed this job after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.  I spent the next five years with Levi’s starting in inventory accounting, then working my way from inventory control to U.S. retail inventory accounting to Europe inventory. Notable projects during this time included travelling to Europe for training accountants and then we brought back these accounting jobs to Eugene.  I then trained colleagues in India for Eugene accounting jobs that would later transfer back to India. Two years later, I switched teams to FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) for the Levi’s brand. 

I had a lot of fun at these jobs. They exposed me to the principles of budgeting and reporting, and I was able to work with various types of people — from designers to brand presidents. 

After getting married and having two kids, I began looking at next steps for my career, which, for Levi’s, would have meant relocating to San Francisco, or to Portland with Nike. I didn’t care for either city, so my wife – a Eugene native, and I decided to stay here in Eugene. This led to my return to Royal Refuse. 

Outside of work, I enjoy working on my classic cars (a 1970 Camaro and a 1964 International Scout).  Our two kids, who are 6 and 4, demand a lot of my attention too.

Joey Brandsness

Joey Brandsness,
Sales Manager at Royal Refuse

I started with Royal Refuse working in the Paint Shop cleaning, sanding and painting cans for customers. Over time I grew the company and eventually got my CDL (commercial drivers license). My current position is Sales Manager with a focus on customer relations. Customer service is the most important part of my job at Royal Refuse.

Royal Refuse is a Eugene based family owned and run company. I was born and raised here in Eugene. 

My personal interests consist of going camping with the family and enjoying the outdoors as much as I can. I love fishing and observing wildlife, from near and far.  One of my biggest passions is archery hunting. Feeding my family with what I have hunted is as good as it gets. 

Being a native of Eugene, I love everything outdoors! I also make time to watch sports, and my favorite sport is football. 

Royal Refuse has been a huge part of our life in Eugene. I enjoy helping people and their families. I operate from the principle of keeping our world clean.  Royal Refuse has been in our family for more than 40 years. And the pride of service is passed down from generation to generation.