Commerical Garbage Service Eugene

Large dumpsters for commercial use

How do you sell a product you wish to be invisible? Our product is clean, on-time, every-time and most importantly when done right invisible to you the customer. That is our goal; to set up a waste management program that solves your needs and that requires little to no maintenance on your part past initial setup.

We specialize is a number of specific commercial needs including: Apartments and Multi-Family Housing, Retail/Storefront, Mixed Use Buildings, Property Manager(s) and Multi-Business or Shared Service Buildings just to name a few. Think you have something different? Being here in Eugene since 1977 we’ve probably seen it, let us help!

Waste Management Programs can consists of a number of variables and materials. We treat each material individually meaning if you need multiple pick-ups for Trash and Recycle or Glass we can do that and visa-versa more pick-ups for Recycle and not Trash we do that as well. This is accomplished through Service Level Audits where visual inspection of containers daily or before scheduled pick-up day (depending on circumstances) are recorded and analyzed for recommendations back to the customer.

Commerical Garbage Dumpters

Our dumpster-style containers come in sizes between 1 and 6 yards.

A 1 yard container will hold 202 gallons and the large container, a 6 yard will hold 1212 gallons or about a pickup truck bed full (piled high). These containers can also be equipped with locking devices for your security.

These containers are used for commercial accounts. We also will set you up with a recycling program and provide all the containers needed. This is a free service for our customers.

Not sure which size is right for you? Call us and we’ll be happy to assist.


1.5 yard

2 yard

3 yard