Royal Refuse Services

Food Waste (Commercial)

Current Pick-Up days are Tuesday and Friday. Sizes available; 34 Gallon, 60 Gallon, 1 Cubic yard, 1.5 Cubic Yard and 2 Cubic Yard. 3 Cubic Yard available upon request but prior approval needed for weight limit considerations. This program allows Food Scraps only! Food Scraps are defined as anything organic (meat, vegetable, fruits, etc.) created from the preparation of food meant for consumption or left over. NOT ALLOWED: Forks, spoons, knives, plates, napkins, etc. even if they are certified compostable. Our company being locally born and raised we support other local businesses at every possible turn and as such all of our Food Waste material collected is sent to Rexius for inclusion in their assorted product lines.

Bio Hazard

Current Pick-Up days are Wednesday(s). This service is geared towards Doctor Offices, Veterinary Clinics, Surgery Centers, Dentist Office, etc. Sharps containers are available for purchase or you may purchase your own else ware. Boxes and Red Bio-Hazard bags provided free of charge. All material, including sharps boxes must be placed inside Red Bag(s) (tied/sealed), placed inside provided boxes and sealed before being picked up.


Roll Off aka Drop Box

Radio dispatched and less than 24 hour turnaround time average we are your go-to for Temporary, Permanent, Open Top, Lidded or Compactor Hauls. Pricing based on Delivery, Haul and Tonnage; Haul fees location based. Choose from 20 Cubic Yard, 30 Cubic Yard or 45 Cubic Yard containers for Temporary or Permanent placements. Temporary placements typically include: Construction projects, Home Renovation, New Construction, Site Clearing / Cleanup, etc. Permanent placements typically include High Volume Commercial, Enclosed Compactors, Single Stream (wood, recycle, etc.) material, anywhere space is not limited and would like to save on monthly cost vs. standard Front Load Service. Permanent box placements must run at least once per week.