Trash Service for Eugene Households

We keep Eugene Clean!

It’s our mission to help keep Eugene clean. When you choose Royal Refuse as your trash service provider, you’re supporting a local family business. We’re Eugenians, we employ Eugianians, and we serve Eugenians. We love supporting our community with waste management and we appreciate your business. Go Ducks!

The Royal Refuse Family

Requesting Trash Service is Easy!

All services include trash pick up, yard debris pick up, and recycling pick up.

First you’ll choose a trash can size.

34 gallon trash bin

34 Gallons

Our smallest container is for a household of up to 3.

60 gallon trash can

60 Gallons

This container is perfect for a small family of 5 or 6.

90 gallon trash can

90 Gallons

This baby can handle the trash of any family!

Then tell us where to pick up your recyling, yard debris, and trash!

    After you submit this form our office staff will call you to set up your account.

    Trash Pick Up Schedule

    Blue weeks are recycling weeks. Green weeks are yard debris weeks.

    Your trash and recycling or yard debris will be picked up on your pick up day each week. On weeks with a holiday, your pick up day will be delayed by 24 hours.

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    65 Gallon Recycling Container

    What to put in the Recycling Bin

    Use our blue container for all of your recycling. We can recycle:

    • cans
    • cartons
    • milk jugs
    • clear plastic bottles
    • cardboard
    • chipboard
    • direct mail
    • magazines & catalogs
    • office paper
    • newspaper
    • ad inserts

    Please note: Glass bottles and jars belong in the blue tote, not in the 60 gallon blue bin.

    65 gallon yard debris bin

    What to put in the Yard Debris Bin

    You will use our green container for all of your yard debris.

    Yard waste is collected on your assigned day during the weeks where your recycling is not picked up. 

    Here’s what you should put in your yard debris bin:

    • grass clippings
    • leaves
    • weeds
    • branches less than 2″ in diameter
    • limbs and sticks smaller than 4” in diameter

    Grass, leaves and weeds must not be bagged.

    Eugene is now doing community composting. You may now place Food Waste in with the Yard Debris. Food Waste includes

    • Plate Scrapings
    • Meat
    • Bones
    • Plant Trimmings
    • Dairy Products (no liquids)
    • Baked Goods
    • …and any other Kitchen Trimmings!
    trash bin

    What to put in the Trash Bin

    You will use our gray container for garbage and trash.

    Garbage is collected every week on your assigned day. Please note if there’s a holiday, your pickup that week will be delayed one day.

    When in doubt, items should be placed in your trash can instead of the recycling or yard waste bins.

    All trash must fit inside the bin with the lid closed. If the lid doesn’t close we may not be able to pick up your trash.

    Do not throw away electronics, batteries, or hazardous materials. Please dispose of those items safely at the appropriate facility. Do not put them in your trash can, they are a huge safety hazard!